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March 4 2010 12:20 on FAVICONTEST

dragon 4tw!
March 3 2010 14:35 on FAVICONTEST

Thanks John. Good idea.
March 3 2010 13:58 on FAVICONTEST

Hey John,

Just to clarify, are you looking for just a new favicon or a remake of the artist designed Rhizome logo?

Feb. 5 2010 15:00 on Will Gompertz on Net Art

He seems to have updated with the clarification along the lines of - Yes, I know that people have made art on and of the net but, IMHO, the artworld and ...
July 8 2009 16:22 on On Tour

now eating popcorn
June 1 2009 12:03 on Again and Again

June 1 2009 11:57 on Again and Again

Good times. Thanks to Ed and the artists.

Ed began the night by screening Bruce Conner’s Report (1963-1967) and Marilyn Times Five (1968-1973) as people entered into the space ...
April 14 2009 13:52 on SUNRISE (2009) - Petra Cortright

cool work.
you'll need to take the " off the end of the rhiz link


is from 2001 and technically not an MTAA net art (It’s part of Tinjail) (Sorry T.Whid)

I’m still going with the thought ...
"dismissing the first generations…"

details please.

HTML 2003, M.River of MTAA

4 large (4' x 8' each) plywood letters (H, T, M and L) made of salvaged material from the Matthew Barney exhibition at the ...
Tim - "There was a "1.0" version of swapping banner ads for art, similar to Lambert's Add-Art but I can't remember the name now…"

not the same or the even ...
I, as well, have some ideas about why these kinds of lively discussions by and about next generation net art aren't happening on Rhizome, if anyone wants to email me ...
Feb. 15 2008 10:34 on War Games

We sadly had to cancel the event at the last minute but we’re back on for Friday February 22 (7pm to 10pm). Time to get your war on.

BYOL ...
Feb. 8 2008 12:41 on War Games

Darn. Tim and Alex are both sick today. We’re going to cancel the KRIEGSPIEL LAN Party at OTO tonight. We’ll reschedule soon and let you the new date ...