10 netartworks I was interested in around 10 years ago and 10 from the last few years.

Note - This is not a “best of” list. It is just some works that I think about for time to time. I’ve added a MTAA work in the netart_x section only because it was done with Eryk Salvaggio and his webiste from that time (one38.org), like so many works from that time, is gone. Seeing as I’ve left off a good many netartworks that I like, I may (or may not) change the list from time to time. I think of xandxx as an netartwork. I hope to live long enough to add a netart_xxx section in 2018 on the longest day of the year.


, marc garrett

London's bottled poetry - a tonic for the dysfunctional 96/97.

An old Net Art work by Marc Garrett.

Originally on Backspace's server 96.

Some pages need updating, but I am surprised that most links still work. A basic web site, that linked from the virtual to physical.

Still trying to trace some older works from 94 & 95. I know that I have them on a HD somewhere…


, eryk

Most of the old stuff is over at http://salsabomb.com/. By the end of the summer the whole one38 shebang will be archived there, or in the Artbase, or both.

But hey! Thanks. Any requests, shoot me an e-mail.

, Frederic Madre

request: the museum (I even forgot the name, dammit) for which I had accumulated all those signatures and eventually ended up doing my own piece with them

, M. River

what year fm?
what year did pleine-peau begin?

, Frederic Madre

thanks Mark
the files have been uploaded on the 24th of April 2005
and pleine-peau started in 1995 as a french chapter of the "personal narrative" movement, if you remember what that was…

, M. River

FM - "personal narrative" movement, if you remember what that was…

I forget everything. Lucky for me the net does not.

Back in 1994 I had started my own website, initially my homepage of course, which evolved into a small magazine on
the web. I became influenced by a movement in the US that was pretty big, called 'personal narrative', which I discovered by being on dozens of mailing lists. There were lots of websites that were run by individuals who were telling their life stories. Important examples of those are 'the Fray' by Derek Powazek, 'Anthology' and 'after Dinner' by Alexis Massie and another one called 'so anyway' by someone whose name I keep forgetting. There were hundreds, all networked by interlinking. Those people were designers mostly. Their sites were very beautiful, just a few images and text, ultra simple html written with notepad. They were just telling their stories, and they were quite frantic. Every day they would change something on the site, and it was very exciting to go there. Funny stories, often their daily problems. There were so many of them that it was a movement. I wanted to do something like this, so I did this with porculus, mirabelle and caroline sarrion.