• Location:Stony Brook, NY

The FHS Artist-in-Residence Program invites artists and collectives to apply to become Artist In Residence in the Future Histories Studio (FHS) at Stony Brook University.

This is a part-time 10-month, one academic year opportunity for artists to help develop a new practice-based studio and pursue research and/or realize a ...

  • Location:Lower East Side Printshop 306 W. 37th St., 6th Fl., New York, NY 10018
Lower East Side Printshop offers emerging visual artists FREE year-long residencies in its shared printmaking studio in New York City.

The application deadline is September 1, 2021 for residencies that begin on October 1, 2021. Printmaking facilities are available for intaglio, relief, monotype, waterbased screenprinting, digital processes, and other techniques ...

  • Location:arebyte Gallery (London) and online.
Going Away.tv is back… and you are not worthy.

On 30 July 2021 London’s number 1 live-stream returns with Going Away.tv LIVE - Judgement Day.

Transforming arebyte Gallery into an apocalyptic public access TV studio you are invited to enter the bunker and take part in the fun ...

  • Location:Brick City Galleries | Missouri State University
Brick City Gallery on the campus of Missouri State University invites entries for an exhibition of GIF artworks that address "the poetic". Artists are encourages all works in GIF format created within the last two years. All submissions should be sent via email (bcjennings@missouristate.edu) with artist name, work ...

  • Location:Online/Hybrid Public Lectures
Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art 2021 | sonsbeek20→24: 'Curating Noise: Reverberations and the Polyvocal'

18 Aug 2021 – 22 Aug 2021
Application deadline: 1 August 2021

Online/Hybrid Public Lectures

The special five-day Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art program, “Curating Noise: Reverberations and the Polyvocal,” will take place online and in-person ...

  • Location:https://zero-editions.org/entrecortes
Entrecortes (“between cuts”) is an archive, a collection of images gathered and appropriated from Brazilian news websites between 2018-2019; precarious and disposable images that come back to life within this environment, where the rhythm is defined by the speed of the click, by the destinations that each of the images ...

  • Location:The Compound Gallery 1167 65th St, Oakland CA 94608
The Compound Gallery please to announce a solo show State of Nature by Sharon Virtue. State of Nature is a reflection on lost connections to the natural world, past indigenous understanding and animistic belief in our relationship to the world we live in and the greater cosmos. Virtue's intention is ...

  • Location:International Studio and Curatorial Program 1040 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211
The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) is pleased to announce an open call for a fully funded three- month residency for a curator from the Global South, including a stipend for travel and housing, supported by the Jane Farver Memorial Fund.

In order to be eligible, curators must currently ...

"¡Vem ASSISTIR A Cinco Passos de Você (2019) filme completo em portuguese
A Cinco Passos de Você filme comleto (2019) | A Cinco Passos de Você filme completo dublado | A Cinco Passos de Você filme completo 2019 | A Cinco Passos de Você 2019 filme completo

◉ 🎬 Assistir :|✮☛ https://tvnz.xyz/movie ...

  • Location:EAMP - Space for Art, Multimedia and Performance (an online project of Videolab Project Association, Coimbra - Portugal)
Submissions are open for proposals in video art and video performance to the 16th edition of Fonlad Festival.
Regulations and submissions:

  • Location:Located on an isolated peninsula in Northwest Michigan, Tusen Takk’s setting in the quiet, forested dunes on a seemingly infinite body of water offers artists time to slow down and reflect in a place that is regenerative by its nature. Designed with intention and care, Tusen Takk is a functional “making place” with studios that provide artists with spaces to imagine and create their work.
Residencies at Tusen Takk, 3- to 8-weeks in length, are geared for both emerging and established artists to explore new ideas or expand current work that will affirm and enrich the human spirit, giving form to chaos and perception to beauty.

Tusen Takk was designed to host one resident, or ...

  • Location:online
Cheap Freedom Club is an online visual art museum. It’s open to everyone.

To apply, send

– download link(s) to your image(s)
– a few words about your work
+ optionally:
– text, links, and/or donation method for your page

to cheapfc[at]protonmail[dot]com


– PNG, JPG, GIF ...

  • Location:Aplus A Gallery Calle Malipiero 3073 Venezia
7 th June – 1 st September 2022
The School for Curatorial Studies is an
ambitious and challenging project promoted
since 2004 and conceived as a school
committed to experimentation and
interdisciplinary thinking. The main goals are to
spread ...

  • Location:Online (Zoom) and in person (NYC)
This summer, we are making a temporary space together, a COCOON. We invite you into our collective studies as we work towards an experimental curriculum that can grow and transform over time. Join us in exploring the history and poetics of math, the craft of reading and writing, loving and ...

  • Location:The Compound Gallery 1167 65th Street Oakland, CA 94608 https://www.shopcompound.com/collections/things-with-wings-fins
The Compound Gallery is pleased to announce a solo show Things with Wings and Fins featuring works by esteemed Emeryville mudflat artist Tyler James Hoare. This show features a collection of sculptures made by Hoare over the course of the past year during quarantine. Hoare produced hundreds of birds, cranes ...

  • Location:Johansson Projects 2300 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94612
“Contemporary and very Pokorny, Thinking, Staring & Smoking – is a grand green-eyed and sausage nosed stare into the revelations and comforts of being stuck together, joint in hand, drink near, and hopefully – luckily for Mr. Pokorny – a beloved wife and dog to share the wearying into the nights.” - A response ...