Dear Y'all,

For awhile now I have been quite annoyed with Rhizome's favicon---> Our current favicon feels a little clunky and if you ask me it is high time for a change. I have tried and failed several times to create one that is more elegant and after some careful consideration and consultation with the Rhizome team I think it is time to turn to our community for a favicon refresh. So for the next week, I invite all of you to try your hand at creating a favicon for Rhizome. If you would like to submit a design simply create a 16x16 pixel png/gif/jpg file, upload it to your server/tumblr/blog and embed it as a comment on this thread.* You have until March, 10th 2010 to enter at which point the Rhizome staff will get together and choose a winner. The winning icon will replace our current one and we will add a credit somewhere on the site that links to an URL of your choosing. (Full Disclosure: The credit link will probably be small and at the bottom of a page somewhere, but come on.... bragging rights? google rank improvement?) Can't wait to see what sorts of big ideas you can come up with with such a small canvas.

Happy Hunting,

John Michael Boling

* If you don't have access to a server to host your submission please feel free to e-mail it to me at jm.boling[at]rhizome.org with the subject "FAVICONTEST" and I will upload and post it to this thread for you.