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This profile is way out of date. I should probably update it. Realistically just go to to find out more about me.
i saw purekev in toronto. it changed my life.
the sound of a million tumblrs being deleted
Aug. 18 2011 21:14 on It’s Only Humanist

Telephone Book!
i want a tattoo that says "100% actual"
sweet! VR ART!
Dec. 1 2010 14:36 on Interview with Jeremy Bailey

the uncanny valley of rhizome discussion threads.
July 13 2009 11:35 on g (2008) - Jack Strange

g is for gangsta.
Jan. 29 2009 12:12 on bodega list (2009) - Jeff Sisson

Is that Rhizomes main function, validating "tech art"?