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Life Feed: Webcams, Art, and People

On Friday, June 24, Rhizome is presenting new projects by Jeremy Bailey and Antoine Catala as part of the New Silent Series. This post elaborates some of the ideas around the event.
Image: Antoine Catala, Antoine according to Dean by Antoine, 2011
Image: Jeremy Bailey, Thought-Controlled Drawing, 2011
The Language of the Self
Image: Antoine Catala, How I think I am perceived in other people's minds, 2011

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Matthew Williamson June 25 2011 16:36Reply

Telephone Book!

Ulrike Ritter June 25 2011 18:05Reply

Hi, unfortunately I#m giving site - casting at this moment - -  - people who are watching my broadcast can see how I write these comment.
It's my third performance at http://www.arts-on.de/m.i.r./m/livecam/home/ and it's awfully funny. But I wouldn't mind to get some more people, especially art interested ones, to visit my site and watch or send a little. What created this very new pleasure to share surfing around through the web and every other digital image (camera, video, chat itself, different windows, computers et al) is the fact, that I bought a web cam and tried around a little with it as cheap as it is, throw it around in my room a.s.o. thus, webcam-tv is boring or sheer stress - especially if you want to look good and don't - if the webcam is watching you - while you talk ! The nose goes up and down, everybody can look at your teeth….Really NO. It a NOGO. But sharing the looking around in the web is more than great. Just look at it. I'll show you some fun. Or send your own cahannel on ARTS-On.de. By the way, I´d already announce the event…
Sorry for mistakes in this text, but I'm working with the webcam while writing. It's difficult…

Ulrike Ritter July 2 2011 18:42Reply

[size= large]The right link is this:[/size]
[size= large]http://www.arts-on.de/m.i.r./m/videos/view/Saturday-with-Rhizome[/size]
[size= large]*[/size]
[size= large]To have a look at our current collection of videos: http://www.arts-on.de/m.i.r./m/videos/home/[/size]
[size= large]UR