doing it for the lulz


XPACE Presents:
doing it for the lulz
Featuring presentations by: Jeremy Bailey, ginger coons, and Jon Rafman

August 6, 2010 @ 7PM

A series of presentations about making things on and for the internet.

The internet is bigger than ever. With consumption and production pushed into such close proximity, XPACE has asked Jeremy Bailey, ginger coons, and Jon Rafman to talk about the problems and possibilities of the internet.

Participant Bios:

Jeremy Bailey is a Canadian video and performance artist whose work is
often confidently self-deprecating in offering hilarious parodies of
new media vocabularies (Marisa Olson, Rhizome). His work has been
featured in numerous exhibitions and festivals internationally. He
received his MFA in Art Media Studies from Syracuse University in
2006. His video work can be viewed, rented and acquired through Vtape
in Toronto, Canada.

ginger coons is a Montreal/Toronto based new media artist, graphic designer and academic in training. Her work largely focuses on issues of intellectual property, grassroots creation, the impact of infrastructure on everyday life, visual communication and Free/Libre Open Source Software. She’s keen on the future, setting much of her work there. Her aesthetic is pared down, with a view towards separating the important from the excess. She tries to be funny and occasionally succeeds.

Jon Rafman is an artist, filmmaker and critic whose work both
celebrates and critiques contemporary reality and consciousness. He
holds a BA in Philosophy & Literature from McGill and a MFA from SAIC.
His essays, film series, new media art such as the Google Street View
project have gained international attention. A new short film, Codes
of Honor, explores the virtual worlds of Second Life and video games.
His first solo show opens this October at Golden Age in Chicago.

XPACE Cultural Centre
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Toronto, ON
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