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May 1 2012 00:42 on Mapping the Social

I think it would be helpful to conduct a parallel survey that contrasts this data set with people who are not using 4square.

I would be skeptical that the behavior ...
Sept. 13 2011 13:43 on Reframing Tumblr: Hyper Geography

or I was hoping it was
Sept. 13 2011 13:42 on Reframing Tumblr: Hyper Geography

dang! I thought this was all done with code
Aug. 7 2011 10:00 on Put a Corinthian Column on It

I'm always accepting submissions to greeknemediashit , thanks for the recomondation & eloquent words
June 8 2011 20:41 on Inivichrys (2011) - Krist Wood

June 6 2011 14:46 on SS/FW (2010) - Maura Murnane

so good!!!!!
Jan. 11 2011 15:55 on Mansion (2010) - Tabor Robak

pretty fun , nice job
Dec. 20 2010 17:56 on Required Reading

its analogous to saying that you're occupying a "post-oceanic" space because you paddled yourself out past the surf , until you hit dry land again, you're still in the ocean, regardless ...
Dec. 20 2010 17:47 on Required Reading

The internet is no longer new , but that hardly allows one to call the current moment in time "post internet"

the term "post internet" is a total contradiction to me ...
what do you know
Dec. 3 2010 16:48 on Interview with Jeremy Bailey

one of the problems with ammeter or maybe prosumer AR projects and interactive generative artworks is that they feel so arbitrary, the visuals generated have little correlation to the performance ...
Aug. 18 2010 15:02 on Web is Dead. (1997) -

personally I think the 404 error is more interesting than the text that was intended to be there
this is great
people like to throw the term "hack" or "hacking" around pretty loosely but I'd just like to mention that hooking a motor up to a hammer has jack shit to ...

every frame is certainly funny, and there's a little more substance than the initial humor, but I wonder if the work holds up when singled out and not shown in ...
April 18 2010 01:59 on Punk Rock 101 (2006) - Cory Arcangel

this is fantastic