don relyea

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Don Relyea graduated from the Meadows School of the Arts in 1992 where he was a print making major and a merit scholarship student. He also obtained an management of information systems degree from Cox School of Business. Upon graduation he jumped into the multimedia software industry producing video, games and interactive content for publishers and clients. In the multimedia industry he developed a love for programming graphics and now produces art in several media.Relyea's tools are script editing windows and compilers. Relyea's background in traditional print making left him with a strong consideration for the process of image creation. Rather than creating algorithms as art in their own right, he strives to write algorithms that simulate the creative process. He breaks down the process of designing, enlarging, and rendering an image on paper or canvas and translates the processes into software. Relyea's experience in music significantly influenced his art. He stumbled into generative art by accident while writing programs to generate live visuals for several of the bands he contributed to during the 90's. Relyea was using live generative visuals as early as 1998 for electronic projects Jump Rope Girls, Ropelab and Evilcomputergenius. Performances were marked by stacks of old telivisions and video projection displaying live mash ups of recent generative works by Relyea.
Feb. 26 2009 12:52 on Pixel Bleed

If you are not afraid of hex then xvi32 hex editor is fun for this sort of thing and you can batch automate it as well. You just have to ...