Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Hair Particles

Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Hair Particles
I have been experimenting with the idea of conflict within a generative wor=
k. For a long time in my painting I had a tough time letting go of figurati=
ve elements, there was always a battle going on in my head and on the canva=
s or paper. I would push and pull the image this way and that until I got i=
t where I wanted it. Sometimes I never got the image where I wanted it. Wit=
h programmatic or generative art it is unusual to capture that essence of s=
truggle in a work. This is the beginning of an exploration of struggle with=
in a generative art work.

In systemic abstractors vs pubic realists I have set up a variety of progra=
m objects that battle on the image area for dominance in the image. There a=
re systemic abstractors which abstract what is being drawn by the pubic rea=
lists and other abstractors. There are other objects that erase. The pubic =
realists are based on the hair particle drawing routine I did earlier where=
hair grows into an image. The page includes small shockwave prototypes of =
the larger experiments.

The project page for Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Particles: http://donre=

Don Relyea