Electric Monkeys Series

Electric Monkeys Series
The Electric Monkeys series was created in a customized version of my space=
filling curve art generator. It employs both fractal and generative proces=
ses in the creation of the images. This series marks a change in direction =
from complexity towards simplicity. Previous output was heading towards gre=
ater resolution and extreme complexity, so much so that output began to loo=
k like non repeating wallpaper. I realized I was totally overlooking the re=
ally nice things happening in these generative works at a smaller scale. So=
I decided to render out some very small space filling curve images with a =
greatly reduced subset of points. This small series turned out very nice an=
d I am pursuing this direction further. The series also makes a nice animat=

Series URL: http://www.donrelyea.com/electric_monkey_print_menu.htm


Don Relyea