A Linha (The Line) Brazilian idioms/public images:
http://www.ucet.ufl.edu/~rstasuk/a_linha/preface.html - 11 Oct 96

EyeScream Jellyfish:
http://www.ucet.ufl.edu/~rstasuk/ej/frames.html - 25 Jul 96

The Body Internet project:
http://www.ucet.ufl.edu/~rstasuk/intro.html - 17 ...

Answering the call of RHIZOME's own r_girl, Juliet Ann Martin wrote:

I feel as a fellow babe that it's okay for a little self promotion.
Okay, so only visible common bond is that I'm a gal…. So, if you have
time, check out:

http://www2.sva.edu/threads/juliet/seeme ...

NO-TV'97. Robert Doyle, Coordinator. The Media Center @ Visual Studies
Workshop, 31 Prince Street, Rochester, New York 14607. 716-442-8676

A Call for Work: NO-TV'97

Deadline for submissions: January 15, 1997

The Media Center @ Visual Studies Workshop is accepting work for
possible inclusion in NO-TV'97.

NO-TV has been up and running for ...

As usual, I am everywhere at once, hunting for potatoes and digital
fungi. Finding organically generated source code (the future of
net-specific programming) and spontaneously occurring netmospheric
sustenance (satisfying content) is difficult. These few kept me nibblin
for a little while.

Check em out. Go! Speed racer – Go! Speed ...

In reply to Ebon Fisher's "<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0384">a WIGGLISM
memefesto</a>" [RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 12.27.96], Ricardo Dominguez wrote:

The fractal politics of extropian biology serves the nexus drive to
reinvent the flesh to fit pan-capital–a new bio-spritualism for virtual
labor. This zoology of ...





*To Nurture That Which Wiggles*
*For That Which Wiggles Is Amazing*

To loop into vital coilings, this coiling, our coiling.
To induce the fibrillations of a vague biological ...

I went back. Now, Peacenet, igc.apc.org is a life.free.zone and I added
it as a new project to the black.hole (they are pacifists, aren't they?
so they should not kill me?!). I don't have my IP number so I used
theirs. Then I also checked ...

wish you:

While overhearing this adventure late this wednesday I was telling Mtine
of La Puce about your brown Edwardian living-room and I promised myself
to write you a surrealistic greeting card

This is a christmas greeting created by the INS

Send a ...

I wonder what would happen if I translated this into Chinese next? As a
meme circulating around the web, I seem to remember a discussion about
differences in language construction. The meme suggested that if a note
such as this were continually translated from one language to the next
it ...

* join Art's 1000034th Birthday (AA) celebrations *

We are working on planning a program for next january 17

* 17.01.97 marks Arts' 1000034th Birthday according to robert filliou's
histoire chuchotee de l'art *

(French artist Robert FILLIOU proclaimed Jan.17.1963 - also his Birthday
- to be Art's 1000000th Anniversary.)

This arbitrary ...

HILUS Intermedia Project Research finishes its activities on December
31, 1996

The media art organization HILUS Intermedia Project Research, founded in
1992 by Reinhard Braun, Max Kossatz, Christine Meierhofer, Christoph
Nebel und Herwig Turk, was the first integrated reference system for
media art, video, new media and art in Austria ...


Triebwerk is an arts and culture monthly based in Vienna, Austria. In
the coming year, we would like to develop an editorial focus on
culture-related issues in science and technology. Topics will range
anywhere from the history of information codes to parthenogenesis, from
the recycling ...

TalkBack! A Forum for Critical Discourse
(http://talkback.lehman.cuny.edu/tb) announces its first-anniversary
issue: Community/Virtual Community.

Why an issue devoted to community/virtual community? The past
quarter-century has seen the unprecedented degradation of public
institutions and public spaces, accompanied by an assault on the bonds
of family ...

Deadline: January 20, 1997

The NVA Organization in Scotland will premiere Virtual World Orchestra,
an international interactive Internet event in Glasgow, April 4/5/6,
1997. For this event, VWO will combine live artists and musicians with ...

Parasites live and feed on other plants and animals. Techno-parasites use
whatever technical systems or apparatuses they can find as hosts, drawing
on their output, their energy supplies and cycles to procreate and grow. A
techno-parasite can be a simple or a complex system which is attentive and
playfully adapts ...

CERN: European Laboratory For Network Collision

At CERN, net artists from all over the world study collisions between
highly energetic sub-site packets in order to learn about the
fundamental buidling blocks of meaning and the forces between them.

Take a trip back to where time began, at the big spam ...