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Pretentious title.
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No fun indeed.
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get up ya big $eip
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50% wtf
50% ftw

Culinary Schools
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Compare Daniel Everett talking to the Other with the other Daniel Everett talking to the other Other.
Thanks for the thoughts and thoughtful links, Curt.

Yeah, archiving can give things a different edge. When I discovered Nasty Nets, it was shut down & archived, like looking through ...

I had tried to bring in de Certeau style tactics vs. strategy when we were talking about 4chan (, when I tried to talk ...
Netbehaviour had an interesting thread about this kind of thing starting around
7 years, 2 months ago on Word Verification (2008) - Max Kotelchuck

Ceci Moss's juxtaposition of this with is a rich one. I wish I could speak more to it.

Art as a shibboleth of the human… ...
They can not reach a logical Jump to conclusions.
To repeat the judge reasoned, rational decision.
Unreasonable application results in a new experience.
For the recording, art, is basically sound ...
Yes I came. Iraq War Ends. Groovy.
George Will.
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where? show me
If some people in some societies have some access to some new technologies to remove some boundaries between some forms, or to make it somewhat easier to collocate them, it ...
So much for a critique of instrumental reason.
When I scored 100% I clenched my fist and whispered "yes!" like a 6-year-old, then, "what the hell am I doing?" (like a 16-year-old?). Apparently it's eminently possible ...
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Hi Ed,

Yes, the game. Allegory is cheap.

One might object that they’re just trying to be funny, like Faith Fighter before it ( ), which ...
7 years, 4 months ago on Free Play

and Aslan represents Jesus.
7 years, 4 months ago on Behold a Pale Horse (2007) - Steve Bishop

Great job, single-letter troll, you got the joke.
If only you were this clever about removing trailing periods from ...
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Steven Read? What happened to Steve? I guess that's the dead guy.
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Wolf and some new studies on the Internet's effect on the brain in the latest Atlantic:

And TV reduces alpha brain wave activity ...
7 years, 8 months ago on The Page Turner

And of course if you reeeally get into baseball, you just might get smart enough to become President. :P
7 years, 8 months ago on The Page Turner

I'm not completely convinced of the assumption that all tv/video games(/internet/new media/etc.) involve a static amount of brain power as opposed to the declining base requirement ...
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Great review, Ed.

On page 4 of the-decline-of-bibliophilia article you cited ( ):

"In a recent book claiming that ...
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Pic 1 looks like Darth Vader.
7 years, 10 months ago on The Rematerialization of Art

It's interesting that on Rhizome the threads about money (commissions, patronage, exhibitions, patents, galleries, etc.) tend to get an order of magnitude more responses than do the threads about art ...
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Tell me, Max—if you support capitalism because right now it supports art, will you support Economic System X (which is better than capitalism) tomorrow because tomorrow it supports art ...
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"The Radical Software Group also falls to Low Networkism because it makes the
mistake that the purpose of aesthetic evolution in the network period is to undermine the military-industrial ...