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I'd never make a website with a .art domain unless it could be like f.art but that violates domain rules right?

Awesome. I was at EMPAC for the original setup. So dope.
Dec. 8 2011 19:14 on Artist Profile: Rene Abythe

This is by far the best Artist Profile interview on Rhizome to date.

Your right, it definitely is not the main thing, but I certainly think it is a factor.
I'm sticking to bad art jokes.
Good to know ( I think someone had mentioned that to me previously as well). I didn't mean to be specific to curators.
You saw what he did there, but do you see why he did it?
I posited my reason why…
Simply put I think these nods/references/jokes to 'art' throughout ...
*did not inform…
Aug. 18 2011 16:30 on It’s Only Humanist

I'd say secular humanist.
I have not read that particular piece, so it did inform or set-up my perception of the work. 

migration of ideas and forms from art into everyday life
I might ...
Definitely, they are beautiful.
I wouldn't call the Photoshop gradients democratic, and certainly not 'Internet' in a good way. Their name allows you to replicate them, but they are inherently contradictory in that they ...
Aug. 3 2011 22:39 on London Calling

Well played sir.
Aug. 3 2011 20:46 on London Calling

I should re-phrase my comment to: There is no way to justify this.
Aug. 3 2011 17:58 on London Calling

I second this. There is ZERO justification.
*Zach Shipko
July 15 2010 14:00 on The Chill Zone

JstChillin is most certainly my favorite of Ito and Denny's projects, but it seems their/your idea of "Chill Time" borrow an awwwwful lot from Cory Arcangel's idea of Continuous ...
Feb. 4 2010 19:13 on Will Gompertz on Net Art

Perhaps, he should also take a look at Petra Cortight's Gifs, Rafael Rozendaal's interactive portals, anything on Computer Club, or Alexei Shulgin's MANY web based projects. Like you mentioned this ...