Jst Chillin

Member Since August 7, 2009

JstChillin is Caitlin Denny and Parker Ito, two California artists interested in collapsing the relationship between a curatorial pursuit and artistic practice. The title for the project encapsulates the 'tude of the times - to chill is to live in a constant state of multiplicities, a flow of existence between web and physicality. JstChillin has the following message for all interested in chillin hard:If ur lukin 2 meet nu frndz, enemies or if ur lukin 2 ave fun, herz d plce 4 ya. Herz whre d kool prodi fellarz n chicks hangout n gt 2 knw each oda. Herz ur boi tunetty calin out 2 al dem fine senoritaz and fine lukin felarz up in here, 2 cme chill him.…the Proust quote, "real without being actual, ideal without being abstract" looms beneath their logo, with the newly added, "time doesn't exist when you're….jstchillin!" The digi world is confronted with the ideal world as being purely virtual; iframes, actionscript and css keep our lives manageable. However, JstChillin looks beyond that, the simple gratification of day to day living on the net, beyond the dream of possible experiences, beyond the endless link. We seek to create a condition of actuality, of experience, a difference in time and space - different from the notions imposed by the observer. It is important to keep in mind that the concept is identitcal to the object - this is a new material idealism that is being bred out of the culture of digital natives. And is it a coincidence that this fold of happenings is interconnected with slacker culture? The slacker being an educated person who is viewed as an underachiever - we are the slackers of the art world!"Michel Houellebecq's 1994 novel Extension du domaine de la lutte was titled as "Whatever", in its English translation, and describes the chronically disaffected life of a computer programmer."A common abbreviation is Whatevs but an even more common form of the abbreviation is Whatev. It is a way of showing one's indifference in slang form. It is an example of "slang of the slang."Our indifference is defiantly THE difference between jstchillin… and not.
overjoyed and inspired :)