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He told a magazine in 1925: "Under the microscope, I found that snowflakes were miracles of beauty, and it was a shame that this beauty should be seen and appreciated by others. Every crystal was a masterpiece of design and not a Design is never repeated. When a snowflake melted, that design is gone forever. so much beauty was gone without a trace, "he said about antiques. was trying to pull the flakes, but snow melted before he could speak to an end. His parents finally bought him a camera and two years for trying to capture images of tiny crystals of the shooting. reached the snowflakes falling on the foot in the door with a wooden tray, happened as the snowstorms. The tank was painted black to see the crystals and swiftly transferred to a microscope slide.For the study of snow crystals, Bentley was able to achieve Dovetail bellows camera to a microscope, but they did not find the controls to bring them into conversation. Overcoming the problem through the imaginative use of wheels and spinal cord.Bentley had his first success of micro-photograph of a snow crystal in the age of 19 years and have captured images of more than 5,000. Kenneth Libbrecht, a professor of physics of ice crystals growing in his laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, said Bentley pictures were so good, "almost nobody cared about to be photographed snowflakes almost 100thHosts Stacy Hollander, senior curator at the Museum of American Folk Art, the exhibition, said: "Everyone is fascinated by the snow. It's just magic and charm captured in this beautiful photomicrographs.In his hometown of Jericho, the fascination with snowflakes Bentely which earned him the nickname Snowflake Bentley. A museum for his life work, housing 2,000 of his prints devoted to the time. A book of his photographs, Snow Crystals, published in 1931. That same year, died on the way home in a snowstorm.
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Made in 1972, the artist plays two self-consciously alluring characters in a video that persistently short-circuits the viewer's engagement with the TV drama as the video frame continually "rolls" vertically ...
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Consisting of twenty-five works – the majority of them two-dimensional – "Stereo" offers a timely retrospective of a side of Marclay's practice not always given due attention relative to his ...
Moulton’s work makes us particularly attuned to the social structure surrounding its protagonist through its exaggerated and fragmented representation of Cynthia’s environment.