Rhizome publishes writing by artists and specialists for an art-interested audience. We are currently accepting pitches for articles that offer new research and perspectives on works in the ArtBase as well as for #Artist Profiles. We are not currently accepting pitches for exhibition reviews, academic articles, or news stories that require fast turnaround.


Articles about works in the Rhizome ArtBase

Rhizome is accepting pitches for 1000-1500 word articles that offer new research and perspectives on born-digital works in ArtBase. These articles may discuss a single artwork, several artworks, a particular medium, or theme… if you aren’t sure, just try us!


“What Up Internet” by Alexander Iadarola

Twine Could Be Your Life by Grace Converse

Christmas as a Service by Lyndsey Jane Moulds 


Artist Profiles

Artist Profiles are interviews with artists who have developed a significant body of work that is engaged with technology. They are composed of two parts: 4-5 questions mapping out some of the key concerns in the artist’s work and a standard questionnaire to be answered by the artist. 


Nathalie Lawhead by Ryan Kuo

Dorian Electra by Erin Schwartz

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Our rates are $250 for Artist Profiles (the artist and writer each receive this fee), and $0.50-$0.75/word (up to 1500 words) for articles about works in the Rhizome ArtBase. We make payment by mailed check. For writers based outside of the U.S. we make payment by bank wire or Paypal. We invite writers to invoice after a final draft is filed.

How to Pitch Rhizome

Your pitch email should concisely introduce the subject you want to write about, how you’d like to approach it (angle, format), why you think it’s important, and why you want to write it for Rhizome. If you haven’t written for Rhizome before, your pitch should also include one or two writing samples in a similar format to the one you are pitching, ideally not more than 1000 words. 

To pitch, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Pitch.” We try to respond to every pitch we receive, though it isn’t always possible. If you haven’t heard from us in one week, please feel free to follow up before taking the pitch elsewhere.