Third Attempt

Hi everyone

I've asked this question three times now and the post keeps disappearing.

Who selects the work that goes on the front page of rhizome?

Maybe if I don't mention loshadka this time, it will go through?



, Vijay Pattisapu

Eryk, maybe you're exposing (like many have already) the total disconnect between Rhizome/discussion board people (artists, art lovers, people..) and Rhizome/New Museum/front page people (curators and …interns?). Maybe since they killed the listserv we'd be one happy family, but…

, Rob Myers

Filter out John Michael Boling's ventriloquial self-promotion and the front page is a succession of interesting and informative posts. Ceci's news picks are great for example, Loshadka or not.

, Michael Szpakowski

I think that's all a bit harsh actually. I've found John Michael Boling's posts refreshingly un-pious, interesting and stimulating.
I think he ought to be congratulated on his Stakhanovite work rate rather than bad mouthed.

, marc garrett

Hi ERyk & all,

Things are not looking that good at the moment on here - it is actually depressing thing to experience.

It's as though, work outside of a small tight-nit group of people is not aloud to be seen on the front page - on Rhizome! Surely not!

please change - and join the rest of humanity.


, marc garrett

I'm just fed up of the cultural divide…


, Michael Szpakowski

Well I think you've got something generous and wonderful going with Furtherfield, Marc & I've said it loads of times in print and in person.
Something different is happening here - but I quite like that there are different ways of sustaining a site devoted to whatever-we-call-this-work..
I like the concentrated & focussed view coming from Rhizome at the moment ( partly because I like the work featured a lot..)

Actually I can't imagine life without Furtherfield or Rhizome…

, marc garrett

Hi Michael,

Yes you are right, it is different and that is fair enough.I do have things to discuss about this though, I am of course glad that Rhizome is here - and I have mentioned this many times before, but there is something missing. And it is bigger than just Rhizome and furtherfield, yet we are all part the problem. When I am less caught up with things I intend to share some ideas publicly, in mutually exploring solutions…

wishing all well.


, Ceci Moss

Thanks for your thoughts.

Since taking on this position, I've attempted to enhance the writing and coverage on Rhizome through the publication of insightful, in-depth articles by an international group of artists, curators, and writers. If anything, our coverage is much more diverse now than it has been in the past, and I've tried to shed light on practices which intersect with new media art. I believe its profoundly important to situate this field as part of a continuum of experimental media practices, sound, video, electronic art, etc – and also to connect the conversations here with those happening in the broader contemporary art field.

Impressed with the ingenuity of channel 53, we brought John Michael on to contribute to this variety, and he's done an excellent job so far, in my opinion. John Michael and I have also discussed, at length, the need to bring in historical documentation relevant to media art and to touch on current visual culture on the web. His unique, well-researched posts are a direct reflection of these conversations.

This thread hits on a divergence between discussion and the front page. I do spotlight conversations in the news stream and we have a permanent box on the front page for 'active discussions.' Its amusing how Rhizome staff has always been accused of being an in-club, when really the staff has always been a group of people trying to promote the work of artists in this field to the wide audiences that come to our site with as much integrity as possible. If there are ways you think discussion and the front page could be bridged more, we are always open to suggestions. Feel free to send your comments/ideas my way, editor (AT)


, marc garrett

Hi Ceci,

>Its amusing how Rhizome staff has always been accused of being an in-club,
>when really the staff has always been a group of people trying to promote
>the work of artists in this field to the wide audiences that come to our site
>with as much integrity as possible.

you are right, it is amusing…

Like Michael said, we are all different & perhaps we should just leave things at that.


, Frederic Madre

what's a homepage ?

I'm subscribed to two rss feeds from rhizome
they don't even list the name of the contributor on the one named "rhizome inclusive: news, blogs, rebl" (it's truncated) so I was thinking: right, they announced jmb is joining rhizome how come he never posts ?!
I was wondering if he was doing the "linked in" thing and was thinking, nah, that's not jmb
that feed has 197 subscribers in bloglines
thanks to the second feed " Recent Discuss Posts" I have now learned that jmb actually posts
so I looked at the homepage… cool posts by jmb!
that second feed has two (2) subscribers in bloglines

before I go back there and unlurk (wow, now that is nostalgia in words) let me give you more stats from the world of feeds
slashdot: 8632 2
virtual Console Reviews: 19
A little leaven: 36
Le R*ck est m*rt, my music blog, has 6

see ya!

, Vijay Pattisapu

Ceci, John-Michael, Ed, et al., we appreciate the work you do. Just realize that there's a cultural/geographic/epistemic/economic/linguistic/etc. disconnect between staff and members/surfers/etc., probably not malevolent, but we can't deny it's there, because attending to it will be an ongoing struggle to cope with, like having a bum knee. In Dallas the rap station K104 has a rather raw "Hater Hotline" the DJs dip into from time to time; Rhizome discussion is/could/should be a net art version of that, and I think that's healthy. Expect beatdowns. I need my stapler.