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Michael Szpakowski is an artist, composer, writer and educator.CV:http://www.somedancersandmusicians.com/szpakowski_cv.pdfVideo work:http://www.somedancersandmusicians.com/vlog/ScenesOfProvincialLife.cgiStills:http://www.flickr.com/photos/szpako12 Remixes:http://www.michaelszpakowski.org/mickiewicz/
March 20 2014 20:32 on The Commenter: A Lament

Absolutely. I *loved* Rhizome. It meant a huge amount to me & I owe it a lot. I gave every year until recently, more than I could afford ( and I ...

Remixed, twice:

not quite loved, nor ignored


the artist shifts between "visible" and "invisible"



April 30 2013 08:15 on Breaking the Ice

I'm intrigued by this response after having given it a good deal of thought. Do you think that your role, Michael, is to "foster a tone" ?
Rob Myers is a ...
April 23 2013 09:12 on Breaking the Ice

In a huge break with our history and with precedent I have to say I agree with almost all of what you write here. The last two paras, in ...
April 21 2013 07:43 on Breaking the Ice

HI Michael
& welcome. I've been around Rhizome for a long time, since 2000 or so. It's been hugely important to me in all sorts of ways and even though ...
Aug. 8 2011 09:51 on London Calling

It's nice there's proper discussion happening here again - let's have some more!
Aug. 4 2011 07:52 on London Calling

I think it's an interesting article and I learned something from it. As people have pointed out the question of the political is probably a great deal more nuanced than ...
Feb. 23 2011 11:08 on The New Rhizome.org

Why do this in public? - I'm sure it's all in good faith but it comes over as a tad mean sprited.
Oct. 29 2010 11:00 on Millie Niss (1973 - 2009)

A book of Millie's poetry has just been published, edited by her mother, Martha.
It's tremendous. Edward Picot says of it in his quote on the back "It's one of ...
Aug. 23 2010 19:17 on Ghost (1984) - Takashi Ito

This is wonderful! We posted a section of Takashi Ito's early tour de force "Spacy" on DVblog earlier this year


All his work is tremendous ...
July 23 2010 08:38 on Millie Niss (1973 - 2009)

We just posted today a previously unseen movie by Millie :




Lovely drawing from Dave Miller,


posted on Netbehaviour the other day….

Yes - it'd be nice to see the Tate taking a stand, wouldn't it? But of course it's not just BP , although that currently raises the question in a particularly acute ...
"john michael boling" also shuts it up…
It halts quite soon after "Mr Mxyzptlk" ( the imp from the 5th dimension) but even better, "hapax legomenon" seems to stump it completely….
Dec. 3 2009 07:44 on Millie Niss (1973 - 2009)

I can't believe she's gone.
And I can't believe I'll never receive another stern, funny,
clever, closely argued and kind e mail from her.

She was utterly unique and an ...

No grand concept; just pointing a camera at my cherry tree, a lot. But, seeing as we're on the subject:

http://www.somedancersandmusicians.com/vlog/ScenesOfProvincialLife.cgi/2007/04/22 ...
Aug. 12 2009 16:11 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus

that's tremendous Nick! many thanks!
Aug. 12 2009 04:40 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus

Hi Nick
thanks - I hadn't realised that QT was available using bbcode -that's great.
I guess intially this must have been loosely implemented on Rhizome ( or that somehow html slipped ...
Aug. 9 2009 04:55 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus

I see this is an embedded QT.

For a brief, glorious, period after Rhizome moved to its current format it was possible, as an ordinary member, to post not only ...
July 8 2009 22:03 on On Tour

I think it's important to defend the right of critics to write what they like in whatever way they like.
Are we going to have the farcical situation where ( as ...
Marc Garett apparently had some difficulty posting this earlier
& he mailed me & asked me to post it on his behalf..m

Hi Brian & all,

Yes, Ruth Catlow ...
And I think one of FF's many great strengths is their campaigning/political work ( and in fairness it was something Marc and Ruth raised personally and tentatively rather than some ...
Hi Marc
I simply don't understand in what respect an organisation that has to regularly resort to a laborious round of fundraising is "closer to a dot com than a ...
On the contrary, I think the Rhizome front page is currently tremendous & those posting are doing a sterling job of publicising a lot of excellent&/interesting recent work and ...
June 6 2009 12:24 on Wired Misses the Marx

I think your general criticisms are largely on the nail Brian. Nonetheless it does seem to me that hidden in Kelly's confusion is a real and useful insight. One of ...
April 7 2009 12:44 on Pixel Bleed


the spring rain getting into my Kodak Zi6, I think.
March 3 2009 16:40 on Pixel Bleed

Hi Millie
I think what happened was I was messing around with the compression and some totally unrelated colours appeared ( this seems to happen at the lowest end of Sorenson ...
March 2 2009 08:34 on Pixel Bleed

I made this in Oct/Nov 2003:


no sophisticated procedures, just messing around with very low quality & data rate settings.
It occurs ...
Feb. 22 2009 06:16 on Wikipedia Art

<I think what was most interesting were the dramatis personae on the Wikipedia side, and the arcane bylaws that we saw while going through the event,, like the "Snowball" and ...
Oct. 17 2008 09:23 on a message (2008) - Heather Rasley

Do you think so, Taylor?
I think it's delicate and lovely* but with a sting.
Her other work is interesting too - bit like a very very distilled female Nauman..
Why ...
This is quite extraordinary!
I was a bit bemused by the rather bad tempered net 2.0 (or *whatever*, I can't remember, don't care) debate here a few months ago ...

Ok -forget the above -I see how it works.. doh..

Hello -this was a reply to the article by Caitlin Jones on the main page - I left a comment there but it then appears here as if I've started a ...

Is it true that most video art is now multi screen and that single channel video had a 'heyday' when it was massively & generally available & is now in ...