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I guess the "discussions" here have gotten so trashy, abstract, hackerish that Rhizome took the discussions overview off the front page! Now there is a ghastly "PERNOD" logo in its place. It is safe to say that the paying members here have created a new type of art form, and we did it here. Not everyone here wants to consistently have serious art discussions, but we like the medium and audience. Is this rhizome's way of saying they didn't appreciate it? Are they out of touch with the members they 'manage'? Or is this just a natural reaction to fucking awesomely edgy art? At a given place and time, a rebellious art form will be institutionally acceptable, at another it will not.
Stevie Bleed


, Patrick May

The active discussion threads are back up on the front page. We were just integrating new widgets yesterday. We encourage discussion of all kinds.

, Steve OR Steven Read

Dang, I was trying to be dramatic and it was all 4 nuthin!!

, Erika Lincoln

I see you are feeling better.

, Steven Read

Erika, I don't have any idea what you are talking about?! Perhaps you are confusing me with the other 'Steven Read' out there (the meta-bullshit artist).

, Andres Manniste

can real Stephen read?

, Steven Read

Answers staff note: This is the real Stephen Hawking.
At least a thousand people have read this today… "Real Steve".
News For Real By Stephen P. Pizzo Raconteur at Large.
Just last year the real Steve Jobs said,. “I have read some of.
Listen to Real Emotional Trash by Stephen Malkmus for free.
How many books can you read without wanting to write one?
But in 1953 Stephen makes a real attempt.

, Steven Read

Flash did not flash.
I have been cheating.
I have failed as an artist.
My life is not-flashing.
When I say FLASH you said how high?
What the fuck where is the flashing?
I have let you down as a flasher.
The re-materialization of flash art is away.


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, Vijay Pattisapu

Le flash est multiple, chacun l'interprète à sa façon et les expressions qui s'y rapportent semblent innombrables (« flash de mains, flash de vilains », « mettre sa vie en flash », « les flashes sont faits », « flashes interdits » et je vous épargnerai la suite !). Pourtant mon dictionnaire insiste sur la spécificité de cette activité propre à l'humain et qui fait grandir les enfants : gratuité, liberté, divertissement et plaisir sont les mots clés qui le définissent. Mais le flash ce sont aussi des règles, imposées, choisies, ou ignorées quand on choisit de tricher, c'est laisser une part au hasard, accepter que la surprise fasse partie du flash sans être mauvais perdant. On remarquera que, dans l'usage de la langue, si les enfants jouent tout court, les adultes jouent « à quelque chose » (au tiercé, au foot, à la belotte, avec sa santé), comme une liberté en moins. Je suis pourtant convaincue que le flash n'a pas à cesser quand on grandit, qu'il n'est pas le privilège des enfants ou des fous, et qu'un peu d'attention nous permettra de l'entrevoir là où on ne l'attendait pas fucking bullshit flash fuck flash.