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the icebergs are melting on YouTube ???
This is what my eyes do when I look at a Barnet Newman painting
Jan. 16 2009 15:59 on Still Hitting Nerves

Always remember to use short screws.
Jan. 16 2009 15:57 on Highlights from 2008

A fine roundup of works but you forgot under the heading Google Maps ….insert shameless promotion here…….

if I do say so myself ...
April 4 2008 22:35 on The Rematerialization of Art

yah yah the show is titled "Holy Fire: Art of the Digital Age"
not Rematerialization but the post is.
April 4 2008 14:08 on The Rematerialization of Art

or maybe not, the show is titled "Rematerialization"
April 4 2008 14:06 on The Rematerialization of Art

oops forgot to mention why sculpture.
Mainly that sculpture has always adopted new techonolgies as well as explored scientific theories.

yes I know way off topic.
April 4 2008 14:00 on The Rematerialization of Art

Pall, I agree with you that there are no historical references other than cinema and video being bandied about. I think more emphasis should be placed on sculpture.

April 4 2008 10:59 on The Rematerialization of Art

After reading all the posts I have some comments and some questions.
Immateriality, when talking about the immateriality of NMA it seems that everyone is skirting around the term conceptual ...
March 21 2008 15:03 on Beat Poetry

"Lozano-Hemmer said in an interview. While the heartbeat holds myriad poetic and romantic connotations, in post-9/11 New York, co-opting biometric technologies gives the piece a certain political significance. "I'm ...
Nov. 1 2007 12:26 on If You Listen...

Antarctica is a land mass, it cannot vanish or melt from climate change.