The Unstitute

Tamil Nadu, India —

Member Since February 5, 2012

The Unstitute is an Evolving Interactive Environment: a series of makeshift sites and excavations created in the form of a digital burrow. Built to offer challenges to establishment language and practice, The Unstitute creates and curates multi-media digital projects, manifesto writing-machines and anarchic web-design as well as supporting online residencies and two monthly video channels as a part of the ongoing Participation programme.

With 2,500+ online visitors every month, The Unstitute offers a virtual environment/sandbox for creative experiments/self-empowerment over archaic creative 'Institutions'.

Each department of The Unstitute's virtual building constitutes a series of movements which proliferate into extensions and entrances, holes and dead-ends, annexes and chambers - never singular, absolute, permanent, profound – always plural, temporary, mobile, superficial.

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