Exoselves | Digital Art 'Zine | November 2017

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Exoselves | November 2017
Digital art 'zine by The Unstitute

As artists extend the field of self-examination into augmented spaces, virtual spaces, producing potential new selves along the way as 'indexes' or placeholders for self-referentiality, it is the suggestion of the extended self - of a cyber-portraiture - which is the focus of this month's curated content.

We are honored to present a close-up view of two artist-performers whose dedicated practice explores the territorial boundaries of the body as field of inquiry. Prolific US filmmaker Sylvia Toy St.Louis opens a window onto the bounty of her relentless self-study in a double-bill of works, from her speculative performance/video-invocation of a primordial human ancestor in The Projection Room, contrasted against a personal Facebook post presented in the #Strategies art writing project. The extraordinary world of Italian artist Francesca Fini returns to The Unstitute this month in the UN[dis]criminate encampment with a live-action translation of the artist's skin into digital output, rendering obsolete the performance of gender and race, revealing new landscapes of the body.

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