"They deleted themselves..." *FINAL EDITION* digital art 'zine by The Unstitute

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READ THIS MONTH'S ZINE HERE: https://us2.campaign-archive.com/?u=95c381a7ffab4c73c909acf17&id=fa19c3dda1

In September 2013 [an]architects at The Unstitute excavated a new area within the burrow design of exploratory underground constructions, an area for networked practice - a Participation Portal in which all digital practitioners could share their explorations, experiments and online practice with us in our virtual Projection Room.

Building upon this engagement we designed and constructed whole architectures for our practice of participation, curating 48 group shows through online projects such as the pioneering UN[dis]criminate video encampment, the [dis]Corporate Bodies artists' collaborations, the art writing collection #Strategies, and the postindustrial portals of Vidiot.

This practice of wide-ranging collaboration with artists anywhere with a desire and an internet connection has enabled us to explore contemporary networked visual culture with a growing network of participants, which eventually spawned the monthly publication of this 'zine - a hybrid of curated content composed of art produced in-house and selected from your open submissions. 'Zine #8 represents the culmination of this current form of participation.

In the final edition of our monthly 'zines we are delighted to present a feature double-bill in the nomadic cinema experiment the Projection Room, three excellent new additions to the virtual UN[dis]criminate encampment for artists, plus two artists' #Strategies have been added to our art writing stack in the Liebratory project.

Where we go from here is another question. The underground activities of Marianna and Daniel O'Reilly, AKA The Unstitute, continue in the form of the digital poetics explorable in the New Town project, or until such time as we burrow up again into the public domain.

The Unstitute is a practice...