I Am A Research Station | A Digital Art 'Zine by The Unstitute

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I Am A Research Station
The Unstitute | December 2017

The organs of change are cranking into work in some of the deeper auxiliary basements and behind rusted bulkheads at The Unstitute; a shifting spatial architecture, mutable and impermanent. Information leaks are expected in the new year...

In our final 'zine for 2017 encounter a manifold array of creative inquiries oozing into digital forms of expression, providing opportunities for cognitive restructuring, insight, provocation. From the serene glide of graphic narrative deconstruction by Danish artist Mark Tholander, to the hybrid art-manifesto production of UK-based nonceptualist Jeremy Gluck, the linguistic scalpel of Aotearoan artist Hana Pera Aoake's contribution to #Strategies, and a stop-frame window addition to Vidiot from Winegames founder Joe Stevens.

The Unstitute explains nothing...

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