Sofia Oliveira

Lisbon, Portugal —

Member Since April 14, 2003

CADA is an art group that makes mobile-phone software for the public realm and exhibitions. Formed in Lisbon in 2006, it also organises events and workshops to promote the development of digital cultural practice. CADA’s goal is to expand conventional understandings of software. Its works are intentionally playful, designed to activate a space for questioning and reflection on the ways in which action emerges from the entanglement of people and technology. CADA has exhibited and led workshops across Europe and in Brazil.
July 10 2009 05:27 on Art In Your Pocket

Hi Zach,
Agree that 'It's unreasonable to throw out an entire realm of exploration and discussion because it's not completely free or fair'

I was just pointing out that the ...
July 8 2009 11:46 on Art In Your Pocket

Totally agree with nick on this subject. The expression 'iPhone Art' should be questioned on every level - what does it mean? That the work is exploring the possibilities of ...