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"Scott Blake takes barcodes and turns them into art - art that is simultaneously pop and op, intellectual and personal, minimal and ocular. Blake uses the black and white icon of our data-drenched existence to stimulate thought on topics from consumerism to religion and individual identity. He urges the viewer to consider the limitations of digitized human expression and to appropriate these symbols of commodity."
I made art inspired by the mouse pointer too.
WOW! Thanks for the front page link.
June 16 2008 14:15 on Free at Last... Sort Of.

Art in a Time of Terror: Acclaimed Art Professor Steve Kurtz on How He Became a "Bioterrorism" Suspect After His Wife Died in Her Sleep

In his first broadcast interview ...
OMG it is April 17th.
Voting has begun!
I just submitted my proposal and feel like I'm about to explode in anticipation. Thanks for the opportunity RHIZOME.