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Patrick Lichty is a digital intermedia artist, writer, and independent curator of over 15 years whose work comments upon the impact of technology on society and how it shapes the perception of the world around us. He works in diverse technological media, including activism, printmaking, kinetics, video, generative music, and neon. He is Editor-in Chief of Intelligent Agent, an electronic arts/culture journal, part of the activist group The Yes Men, and operates IALA Gallery in Baton Rogue, Louisiana.
March 30 2010 10:08 on Wikipedia Art

Here are a couple posts related to Wikipedia Art…
Scott Kildall on this:
Lichty on Wiki, etc as curatorial model.
http ...
Oct. 16 2009 11:17 on Wikipedia Art

I just checked in with this thread again, and found:
'Wikipedia Art' is utter bollocks.

I have no intention of helping to further legitimize it it by providing reasoned and ...
Josephine -
Yes, I may be injecting too many issues here. Might be a good idea for a second thread.
The Hal Foster link is brilliant - encapsulates a lot of what ...
Here is a tremendous conversation - generationalism in net. art.
In regards to things like technological art, I posited about 3-4 years ago we were in a "fourth Generation" (the late ...
March 8 2009 13:08 on Wikipedia Art

Tom Moody Wrote.
My outrage wasn’t mock and Lichty’s wasn’t outrage. He repeatedly cited his own academic credentials to justify the project. Now that it’s failed ...
Feb. 22 2009 01:15 on Wikipedia Art

Hey, all.
Good conversation.
I'm not offended at all at Tom's mock outrage at my mock outrage, or the other criticisms of the project.
After the fact, I'm very honest ...
April 3 2008 18:49 on The Rematerialization of Art

"I must have missed Cao Fei that, Jaume Plensa, Jenny Holzer, John Simon, Lincoln Schatz, Cory Arcangel in the Whitney and NewMu this year. I will go back and check ...
April 3 2008 13:09 on The Rematerialization of Art

Please correct:
I understand the tradition of patronage as well as the struggle against bourgeois culture by the 20th Century Avant-Garde. After the collapse of Modernism, it really depends on ...
April 3 2008 12:05 on The Rematerialization of Art

New Media was a genre based on a community in the 90's.
In the 2000's, it became a series of practices understood as a group of media arts
It is ...