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Artists M. River and T. Whid formed MTAA in 1996 and soon after began to explore the internet, video, software and sculpture as mediums for their conceptually-based art. The duo’s exhibition history includes group shows and screenings at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Postmasters Gallery and Artists Space, all in New York City, and at The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. In "New Media Art" (Taschen, 2006), authors Mark Tribe and Reena Jana describe MTAA’s "One Year Performance Video (aka samHsiehUpdate)" as “a deftly transparent demonstration of new media’s ability to manipulate our perceptions of time.” The collaboration has earned grants and awards from Creative Capital,, Eyebeam, New Radio & Performing Arts, Inc. and The Whitney Museum of American Art.
May 20 2013 13:59 on Jack Goldstein, GIF Artist?

FWIW, Ed Halter presented Goldstein's loops at "The Wheel of The Devil (aka the loop lecture)" at MTAA's Over The Opening back in 2009. Announced exactly 4 years ago ...
Jan. 23 2011 11:29 on The New

Great job guys. Congrats!
Aug. 20 2010 09:12 on Required Reading

"I didn't particularly like Tim Whidden in 1998, but I kept talking to him and now we are lovers."

It's true. I'm carrying Curt's love child. It's a miracle.
Feb. 5 2010 11:13 on Will Gompertz on Net Art


[size=13]But seriously, his comments reflect his ignorance of the medium. When he says 'net' he means 'web' – so when he talks about 'net-based' he means 'web-based' and ...
Feb. 4 2010 21:54 on Will Gompertz on Net Art


fuck this n00b Gompertz. LOL. FTW!

aw. just like the old days. brings a tear to the eye…

I enjoy this piece, but I need to ask… why is 800,000 pixels the size of the graphic? And why does that graphic represent *this* web site. In other ...


Aug. 12 2009 19:18 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus


[size=40]yes they work[/size]

  • thanks
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Aug. 12 2009 12:31 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus


While we're talking bugs and etc….

The small buttons above the text input area do not seem to work on any browser I use (Firefox, Safari).

Aug. 11 2009 09:43 on Endnode (2002) - MTAA


Hans Haacke's News, first shown in 1969, is the granddaddy (great-granddaddy?) of this, er – genre? It was recently exhibited at SFMOMA's Art of Participation. ...

Multiple vulnerabilities in 'pizza_party'


I find this security bulletin hilarious
July 7 2009 10:03 on On Tour

none of my business either but…

This is really ridiculous.

If there are FACTUAL errors in the article, point them out to the editor's of Rhizome and surely they'll post ...
June 5 2009 10:26 on Again and Again


More follow-up on this, we've posted links to most of the stuff we showed, enjoy!
May 29 2009 14:22 on Again and Again


Thanks for the promo :-)

thx 4 da link yo
March 26 2009 13:37 on SelfControl (2009) - Steve Lambert


"Once started, it can not be undone by the application or by restarting the computer - you must wait for the timer to run out."

damn that's hardcore :-)
March 26 2009 09:58 on The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage!


Great fund raising idea!

One small usability quibble: you should make it clear that you can't use your Rhizome username to login to the 50k homepage – that it's a ...

We must have it somewhere in the studio…

I'd click on those jimpunk links but I don't want to crash my browser right now :-)

But, since MTAA did everything before everyone. I'd like to point the start date ...
March 6 2009 14:46 on Wikipedia Art


This on-topic spam is interesting… can it really pay?
Feb. 17 2009 16:00 on Wikipedia Art


I noticed Patrick Lichty's advocacy of the project and assumed that he was
a) paid for his essay (which was posted on Rhiz right?); and
b) a co-conspirator either directly ...
MTAA discussing something very similar 10 years ago in an interview with Colin Keefe.
November 18, 1998

M: […] getting more people involved in what online art might be, and ...
This is a great video. MTAA saw this in Video Acts ( at PS1 a few years ago. This and some other videos in ...

C'mon Pall! Where's the xhtml 1.0 strict version?



Hi Nick,

At the Net Aesthetics panel the question of political net art was addressed. Our moderator, Ed Halter, asked, "why isn't there more?" The panel didn't really have ...


Congrats everybody!


re: Net Ae 2.0 panel webcasting…

I'm going to live twitter it as much as possible (multi-task much?). That's right! Liveblogging (ok, twittering) while I'm on the panel! Yikes ...

I liked all the projects very much. I wasn't sold on jellotime before seeing it in the context of Rafael's other work, but I think he's got a very good ...

I can't believe M.River actually wrote that. It must all be part of the conspiracy.


The panel was very good, but the questions got way, way off-track IMHO.

Shirky ...
April 16 2008 11:48 on Brush-off

To quote myself:

"I'm not accusing critics of being hostile, just doing what they do. To me it's similar to the legal system – it's adversarial. Both critics and ...
April 15 2008 22:55 on Brush-off

Yes. You were mistaken. What does 'acting as a critic' mean anyway? I may be critical of things, but that doesn't mean I'm doing anything but giving my opinion.

I ...
April 15 2008 17:40 on Brush-off

Hi Steven Read,

I have to ask, is there something wrong with me not being objective?

Did I make someone some promises I don't remember?

I'm an individual like yourself ...
April 14 2008 16:32 on Brush-off

Moody again paraphrasing and misquoting, "[T.Whid] said that criticism 'hinders an artist's purpose.'"

No I didn't. I said, "The critic may hinder the artist's purpose."

The ...
April 14 2008 15:37 on Brush-off

This bit comes right after the bit you quoted: "I suppose that's to be judged on an individual basis."

Meaning, from artists individual POV a negative public crit of ...
…just got a confirm email FYI
April 14 2008 14:37 on Brush-off

There is no discussion.

There's you trying to mis-characterize my remarks out of context and me vigorously setting you straight.

You said "[t.whid says] the negative effect of ...
April 14 2008 11:37 on Brush-off

Just for the record, I think there should be more objective criticism in the art world.

But if a negative review is directed at me, I'm not going to like ...
That shouldn't have caused you a problem. That line of code is ending the HTML comment wrapping the javascript, but it's also commented out of the javascript as well.

There ...
April 12 2008 19:30 on Let It Spin

This image makes me laugh.
April 11 2008 16:53 on The Rematerialization of Art

Paddy's thoughts on this issue *are* well-received.

Patick, please, please add a preview to comments so I don't sound like an idiot :-) Protect me from myself!
April 11 2008 16:51 on The Rematerialization of Art

Paddy's thoughts on this issue is well-received.

Regardless if 're-materializing' new media is an interesting idea for a show or not, it's definitely been an interesting idea for new media ...
April 8 2008 15:35 on Brush-off

It's rare in art criticism that a critic highlights a show or artist just to smack 'em down.

I like it.

've had very, very similar ideas to this – ...
Jan. 18 2008 15:34 on Panoply, Please

Note that on the Frank(Again) video there's a about 12 minutes of dead air before the actual performance starts.

Also, it's sort of one-sided since you can't see the ...