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Holland Cotter:
In addition, during the 2000s the city’s art institutions entered the digital age, exploiting display and communication possibilities barely tapped before. Artists also picked up on digital technology in a big way. Many now use these resources as supplements to photography, video and painting. More intriguingly, some take digital technology itself, including the Internet, as a primary medium, pioneering future-directed forms that would seem ripe for broad-based exploration.

Kenneth Baker:
The cyber-revolution in the arts fizzled, for now. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art greeted 2001 with "010101: Art in Technological Times." Today I can count on one hand noteworthy artists who can write their own code. The Internet has served far better for self-promotion than creative production. But we may need another decade to know for sure.


, t.whid


"Today I can count on one hand noteworthy artists who can write their own code."

1. I'd like to know who these artists are so I can school Kenneth Baker on who he's missing.
2. This comes from a guy who's published by a web site that still has 'cgi-bin' in their URLs