Ian Aleksander Adams

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Ian has been featured internationally in exhibitions, publications, and competitions. Recently he had work in Paris during the PX3 exhibition and in NYC through Commercial Photographers International. More information and viewable projects can be found at his website.
I am loving the hell out of this mondrian kick you guys are on
May 21 2009 22:30 on Matrix III (1972) - John Whitney

hah. that comment made this so much better for me.
April 11 2009 00:07 on baby turn (2009) - Matthew Gaffney

The source material is an ad for the Baby Laughs-A-Lot (or something like that) doll.

This piece seems a little heavy handed and over done until you realize the sound ...
March 23 2009 23:43 on General Web Content

I'm surprised Erik Dalzen's Commodities isn't mentioned. I don't remember how I found this project, but I love it.


He uses ebay as his exhibition and ...