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hahah i guess i'm flagged. i mean no harm. i like this piece. a lot. good job.
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I live in Pizza Hut, by the way.

Stop being so serious.

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The following Net.Fart ...
Jan. 11 2010 11:52 on Colorfilm (1971) - Standish Lawder

gahh, my boss at the Exploratorium loves this film…'nuff said

FrEakin' OuT to your Truuee Colours Bay Bee
Feb. 20 2009 21:08 on My Ceiling Fan (2009) - Chad Corbi

haha ok wow that was nuts, its not happening anymore but there was all this external sound going on from the other videos not shown here, crazi-bones!
Feb. 20 2009 21:06 on My Ceiling Fan (2009) - Chad Corbi

bhahaha, whoa this is weird. how come the sound from the other videos is coming through but the videos themselves aren't showing up? the whole piece "My Ceiling Fan ©" ...