Andrew. Shea.

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I have a diverse background that feeds my art work. This includes studying philosophy, economics, political science and feature writing in Pittsburgh and I am currently earning an MFA in graphic design at Maryland Institute College of Art. I lived in Boston in between and studied photography, film/video, had a radio show for several years, curated two film series and started/organized a performance gallery.The inspiration for my work has always varied and my process has often been multimedia. I started in 2004 as a photographer and focused on taking multiple exposures with an old twin-lens camera. At the same time I started deejaying my own radio show at MIT in Boston, which lasted through January 2008. I also started making films at this time thanks to a good friend of mine who gave me a super-8 camera to film while on a trip in Indonesia, which happened to coincide with the massive tsunami that struck Sumatra in December 2004. When I returned from my trip I started to show my photography around Boston and also started DOS Screenings, a biannual film/video series that was held in the Distillery in South Boston.At the same I was finding it hard to appreciate Boston's stuffy gallery scene and realized that most of my talented artist friend's would most likely be overlooked by the curators who dictated Boston's gallery life. So I soon moved to Chinatown and started Ark, a performance gallery dedicated to showing the work of artists who seldom have a chance to show their work. The shows initially revolved around music but soon became dominated by installations, videos, drawings, sculptures and performances. An unexpected byproduct of Ark was that by creating the promotional designs for each show, I became interested in graphic design. This interest convinced me to apply for my MFA in graphic designs, which is what led me to MICA in Baltimore. I'm currently studying with Ellen Lupton (through 2010) and am focused on motion graphics and data visualizations.
love the interview at the end.. the squinting and turning away.. strange stuff