Alex Zelansky

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I'm a busy creative-type individual working on writing and music related fields. I do all kinds of things - research, fiction and reference writing, music production (9 albums produced and co-written), live sound, keyboards and piano and web design. I've built a number of my own info-websites, here are a couple of pages as examples of my work in this field: Star Sapphire - | Ashwagandha -
Wow. Sensational! I wonder if they could make it rain indoors…
Genius. Much food for contemplation here, I'm especially impressed that you have turned a war game into a dance of light. How many layers of reality are occluded, just beyond ...
Ooh, looks fantastic. Searched and found on amazon. Added to my wish list :)
Fantastic work, very impressed. Wonderful exploration of light and form, and stylish results!