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A symposium exploring the state of art and technology today.

Fiona Shipwright

An artist profile of Ingrid Burrington by Fiona Shipwright.


Major forthcoming online exhibition to retell the story of net art.


Proven ability to find, share interesting links a plus.

Paul Soulellis

Portraits of digital service workers by Elisa Giardina Papa.

Michael Connor

A newly commissioned gif artwork renders a now-defunct project space on the night of a ...

Paul Soulellis

An artist profile of Lorna Mills by Paul Soulellis

. Experiment


Welcoming the latest addition to our curatorial team.

. Opinion

Lauren Cornell

“Andrea Crespo: A day in the lives of” is copresented by Rhizome and the New ...

. First Look

Leah Schrager

The Instagram Model as a New Form of DIY Digital Feminized Performance