Rhizome's 2016 Net Art Microgrants

This year, Rhizome received over 320 proposals for its annual net art microgrant program. The submissions were considered by a jury comprised of artists R. Luke DuBois and shawné michaelain holloway, as well Rhizome's program coordinator Kaela Noel. 

We're pleased to share the winning proposals:

N/A (or Lana Del Pepe?)

By Georges Jacotey

"A series of Lana Del Rey fan-art images, texts, screenshots, and poetry as well as a collection of rare aphroditus Lana Del Pepe drawings (see attached illustration) in the themes of radical feminism-"misandry", decolonization of art practices (or just pondering about it cause how the hell I'm going to do this with a rhizome microgrant-I'm bound to american culture-money: that could be a horny aphroditus with dollar signs in their eyes but sad), queer bodies and tranny militants. It's a bitter narrative and it'll just be scatterred online, not in one site (or perhaps in my tumblr, idk). >>> Read this again, it's worth it <<<"


Chloe and Sylvia are Color Blind

By Chloe O'Neill and Sylvia Gutierrez 

"Color theory is a key component of net aesthetics that implicates the formal aspects of broader image-based consumer culture. At the same time, the formal aspects of color in net aesthetics have also been incorporated into branding campaigns, fashion trends, and hashtags like #palegoth. While Pantone 2016’s rose quartz and serenity mined these aesthetics to describe the blending of gender, the mechanics of color in postinternet systems has yet 2be explored.

For our project we will create a PDF report that develops new language to describe social trends and movements that parallel color, and show how net aesthetics and color are used in contemporary consumer trend forecasting, art systems, and technological interactions. As a proof of concept we will also organically code and design a 'Facebook Quiz generator' that will use our report’s language to mimic broader net aesthetics. The generator will be hosted on a website with our PDF-report."
LVLZ Healing Center
By Elizabeth Mputu
"LVLZ HealingCenter: digital hub, 3 arenas -- mind,body,spirit.

A) Waiting Room:
1) 'Welcome' Sound Meditation into browser platform + interactive 360 video tour of virtual center (collab with artist Alfredo Caro)

B) Center Levels:
1) Mind:
a)Queering Herbalism Class + Resource Page (Free online class with educator Toi Scott of the School of Liberatory Medicine: Internet & the QTPOC Ancestral Healing Movement) in Research Center
b) Food 4 THOT Program: ppl trade digital work + writing on food & food justice for gift cards to local healthy food eateries (Garden)
c) Serenity Network: directory of creatives + healers (Garden)

2) Body:
a) Farmacy: purchase Online Stress care packages + specialty art items (eye strain protective glasses)
b) Clinic X SafetyCorp: webpage hosted artists collab with SafetyCorp -- Digital Forum based interactive help center/hotline

3) Spirit:
a) CyberSerenity: view CyberSerenity meditations + breathing exercises, similar works by others artists, get tarot read via Skype"