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This past year alone, Rhizome’s editorial team has covered a breathtaking range of topics relating to the intersection of art and technology. Here are several highlights:

Martin Murphy's desktop from Adam Cruces's Desktop Views, featured in Beyond the Surface: 15 Years of Desktop Aesthetics

Photoshopped Sherman
Rachel Wetzler considers how we might think of Cindy Sherman’s photography now that she uses Photoshop in her practice.

Beyond the Surface: 15 Years of Desktop Aesthetics
Using Adam Cruces’ Desktop Views (a response to Alexei Shulgin’s Desktop Is,) as a jumping off point, Jason Huff explores the history of desktop aesthetics.

Screen. Image. Text.
As publishing moves from the page to the screen, Orit Gat considers the unique role of the digital image. She later spoke about this essay on a panel at the Frieze Art Fair.

Shu Lea Cheang on Brandon
Yin Ho speaks with the creator of the Guggenheim Museum’s first digital project, 14 years after its launch.

Image of Democracy: Why I Want to Build Nine Freedom Towers in Tiananmen Square
A personal essay by artist John Powers on public space and its political implications.

The Impermanent Book
An essay from The Piracy Project, an international publishing and exhibition project, on the mutability of text in both physical and digital books.

The Shape of Shaping Things to Come
Speculating on 3D printing’s potential to disrupt manufacturing, Adam Rothstein writes about the Pirate Bay’s new file type category, “physibles.”

Art on the Beautiful Island
An in depth look at the Taipei new media art scene from the expat art critic Ron Hanson.

The Web That Can’t Wait
Rahel Aima on the slow web and “FOMO,” considering the speeds with which we process information as we browse the web.

And this is only a small selection of what we published in 2012. We are proud to showcase clear writing and thoughtful commentary in the original essays, interviews, and exhibition reviews we publish daily.

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