Community Campaign 2012 and The Download


Today is the start of Rhizome's Community Campaign, our annual fundraiser that brings in critical operating support to the organization. This year, we are aiming to raise $25,000 by January 14th, 2012 and we ask that you consider making a contribution today to help us meet this goal.

Why prioritize a gift to Rhizome?

First, there is our broad purpose and function: Rhizome ensures that a vital space for artists engaged with digital and emergent technologies remains open, active, contested, and thriving. Rhizome serves as a focal point — and sometimes a useful flash point — for discourse around this emerging field and, since our founding in 1996, one of its most insistent and impactful advocates.

Finally, our small (4.5 people!) staff acts on our mission by producing an immense amount of programming year-round. Over the past year, we have published nearly 500 articles; preserved numerous works of digital art through the unparalleled ArtBase; financially supported the creation of 11 new artworks through our Commissions Program; and  hosted countless events that have premiered new works and cultivated conversation among artists, curators, critics — all of you.

What distinguishes Rhizome from countless other causes is the large impact we have on emerging artists and an evolving field, and what differentiates us as an arts organization is that one of our biggest sources of support comes from you – our community. A donation from you will help us uphold our mission another year, as well as directly impact our programs.

As a thank you to our supporters, we are offering unique works by artists, such as Anamanaguchi, Extreme Animals, Jon Rafman, DIS, Paul Chan, Joe Hamilton, Ofri Cnaani, and Kärt Ojavee & Eszter Ozsvald.

We are also launching a new benefit of membership: The Download, a program through which we highlight and support one digital, downloadable work for free each month. Part curatorial platform, part incentive to budding digital art collectors, the Download highlights great new works and encourages members to display their new acquisitions at home—viewable on any screen, computer, or suitable device. Participating artists—Ryder Ripps, Sabrina Ratte, Clement Valla, Rick Silva, Elna Frederick, Keith & Mendi Obadike, Kristin Lucas, Heba Amin and more–are compensated directly through the Artist Fund, which is supported by members and Rhizome donors like you. More info here.

Thank you in advance for making a contribution and helping keep Rhizome alive and thriving for another year!

Please donate today!