Get Your "Paintings" Here.
Image: Anders Nordby, Asger Jorn's Grave, 2009

Curator Hanne Mugaas launched a new pdf exhibition in collaboration with Private Circulation this week, "The "Painting" Show." Much like ASDF's For a Brief Time Only, the curator sends the exhibition personally to the viewer, who then has complete control over its display. While For a Brief Time Only delivered the show's 24 photos off to a local lab for print and pick up, thus examining the ease and accessibility of photography's circulation in the age of Walgreens, "The "Painting" Show" looks at the distribution of painting, or rather, "painting". By inserting the quotation marks around "painting", Mugaas signals that this isn't the real thing, but perhaps a new sort of something, stating,"the results are not paintings, not pictures of paintings, but 'paintings'." The show's 10 "paintings" by artists AIDS 3-D, Kerstin Bratsch, Charles Broskoski, Marcel Dionne, Aleksandra Domanovic, Anders Nordby, Guillaume Pilet, Hayley Silverman, Anne de Vries, and Ulrich Wulff are a painterly spin-off of the standard brush, paint and canvas combo, coming from sources such as computer programs, video, and scanned versions of paintings on paper, and the show's only instructions are that these images be printed on 32lb paper. Although much more expensive to produce, I would've liked to see these "paintings" actually repainted again, perhaps by oil painting "manufacturers" such as Canvaz, thus pushing painting or "painting"'s claim to originality even further.