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hi welcome to my rhizome.org user profiel.

yeah its true, it does seem pretty inaccurate, lol. is that the point?
when r u guys gonna get a like button.
i love this work
Oct. 26 2009 08:38 on Emoticon (2007) - Eddo Stern

this piece is really awesome.
June 24 2009 12:49 on Futurespeak

yes, this is awesome. excellent post, brian!
Let's be honest. This project meant well, but was a complete fiasco logistically.

There is no way to justify having a physical pavilion if its just going to be used ...
April 14 2009 19:33 on Get Your "Paintings" Here.

thats a good idea ceci wow! delivery in 12 days?!
Thanx guys
what a relief!