Picabia - 1922
@ Centre Georges Pompidou
May 8 - June 30

Picabia : portraying subjectivity as mechanical process

What might be another unacknowledged artistic predecessor to pomo academics
and the "science fictions" of Baudrillard, Haraway, Debord, Gibson, Ballard
and Dick? Answer: Picabia's Spanish Portrait - Machine exhibition from the
1922. You can see ...

Being There

Eno and Anderson were featured at something called The Imagination
Conference in San Francisco this past weekend (June 8), and since I'm
thousands of miles away, I was glad HotWired announced a week ahead of time
that they'd be carrying the event live.


Both Eno and Anderson ...


One artist at the Moscow WWWArt Centre, Aliona, has placed what amounts to a
two-page ad on the Web headed with her own three-word message: "ALL FOR SALE".
The body of the text explains that in other places and at other times maybe
your basic starving artist could afford ...

Dataspace/Teaching space/Learning space

Wired UK last issue carried a thinkpiece by Negroponte on the idea that learning
might be a more interesting term than browsing for what we are doing on the net.
This is a great idea, but it still needs some thinking through, of course. In ...

A new center, C3: Center for Culture & Communication, will be opened on
June 26, 1996 by the Soros Foundation Hungary. As a result of the
collaboration between the Soros Foundation Hungary, Silicon Graphics
Hungarian Liason Office and MATAV (Hungarian Telecommunications Company), C3
will facilitate the expanded exploration of digital ...

The Harvard Conference on the Internet and Society was about, well, the
Internet and Society. Most of the speakers promoted their companies'
products, but there was a really interesting closing debate about Cultural
Imperialism moderated by Arthur Miller. At one point, Jacques Attali (the
well-known conservative Franco-American academic) claimed that ...

*The Arts of Love: Sense and Sensuality in the Global Matrix*

Liking is a form of enjoyment. Wanting is a function of desire's socialisation:
you can only want what you know exists, only want things, commodities, that you
already know – wanting is about repeating a sensation you've had before ...

>What's going on in your neck of the woods?

After a relatively sparse time, things seem to be gathering speed in
London. Theres' a scene, centred around the magazine Mute (run by Simon
Worthington and Pauline Van Moerik Broekman, mute@skyscr.demon.co.uk),
which showcases digital art, and contains ...


email: aleinikov@glas.apc.org

CINE FANTOM - for ten years it has been synonymous with Russian Parallel
Cinema (underground film scene). It was the name of an independent film
magazine and film festival, and now, we present the CINE FANTOM film ...

In Our Path, by Jeff Gates

A few words from the artist's introduction:

"In 1982 I began to photograph the Century Freeway Corridor in Los
Angeles. Initially, I had no idea what was taking place on this swath of
land. I only wanted to capture the sense of "abandoned suburbia" ...

The 'Cutting Edge' group is investigating leading edge
developments in design and media technologies, design
and media theories and feminism. There are eight members
of the group, five from the University of Westminster and three
from outside institutions. We have created a forum for research
and the generation and publication ...


Douglas Davis is no stranger to the art world, but by the standards of
anyone's definition of new media art, he's still on getting-to-know-you
terms with at least one of the new media, the Web, where his "Breaking Out
(of the Virtual Closet)" is currently on display. Plans ...

On May 21st and 22nd, in Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italy, a gentle
conversation is being organized by Ljubljana Digital Media Lab
with the title "Net.art per se".

The direct context is the festival "Teatro Telematico" that is
dedicated to the crossroads between art and technology in the era of ...

discord. sabotage of realities. - week of visual arts Hamburg 1996

All interested artists are invited to participate by sending their concepts
to Hamburg. A panel of artists and critics will review the concepts sent and
decide which projects may be realized. Those invited will be assisted
financially in the realization ...

@art gallery


@art gallery is pleased to announce
the opening of its latest exhibition.

SILENCE, a new web-based artwork
by Stephanie Cunningham, explores gender,
communciaton, and the construction of
identity on the internet.

Cunningham is an early ...


Recently thinking about VRML. Did some info-hunting and turned up a number
of essays by Mark Pesce.

Found myself wondering why the obsession to reproduce the Earth as we know

…wondering why we need a 3-D representation of something [Internet] that is
already an abstraction. Do we need ...