Identity and Fake

I would like to share my researches focused on the avatar manipulation as a practice.
I'm writing the second part of a paper witch try to prune the archives of in order to find interesting references.

I am interested in any ressource about this subject. Feel free to complete my list.


, Lara Salinas

Hello Michel,
I'm working in a similar topic, maybe I could help. But, what do you mean exacty with "avatar manipulation"? Are you only interested on fakes? Or do you find true stories, the avatar like an extension of our body, our identity…

, rb

Lara Salinas > I am focused on how a character can be an extension of an artist identity as you can see in my references. I am not really sure "fake" is the good word because the relationship between the creature and his author is often close: what happen in one's life get consequences in the other on line life. I will contact you, thank you for your answer.

, Raphaël Bastide

Lara Salinas> Can you send me your email address ?
raphael.bastide /at\

, Raphaël Bastide

Lara Salinas > I am a

2 more references
Book: Internet Art
Fanzine: Junk Jet #3

, Salvatore Iaconesi

hello there!

you might be interested in these projects as well:

* OneAvatar

A suit conencts your physical body to your avatar in second life: what happens when sensorial stimuly explicitly pass from the virtual to the analog domain? what happens when you can get hurt and even die with what you do in virtual worlds?
what forms of expression emerge? of responsibility?

* Dead on Second Life

artificial intelligence and autonomous avatars are used to bring back to a second life Karl Marx, Coco Chanel and Franz Kafka. All the texts of these characters have been used to populate the generative linguistic engine used by three autonomous avatars to communicate with other people in the virtual world. The avatars have been given the looks of their dead counterparts and can travel autonomously along the virtual lands, choosing social groups to interact with, interesting things to see, places to avoid.

* Angel_F

Angel_F is a young artificial intelligence son of Derrick de Kerckhove and the Biodoll. It is a synthetic digital being that has been extensively used as a performative metaphor to the contemporary humans' conditions: atypical families, liquid sexualities, multiple identities, precarious conditions. Angel_F has been the center of several international debates on censorship, intellectual property and gender studies. Angel_F has been the first (and only, hat I know of) digital being to participate to the Internet Governance Forum (a periodic planetary meeting on digital rights and internet governance promoted by the United Nations) to claim its digital rights.
A book has recently been published by me, Oriana Persico, and with the contributions of Derrick de Kerckhove, Massimo Canevacci, Antonio Caronia, Carlo Formenti and Luigi Pagliarini


, Annie Abrahams
Alissa1969 Seriman by Agnès de Cayeux

, Raphaël Bastide

Annie and Curt > Fantastic, thank you !

, Lara Salinas

for example, look for "Ariadna Alfil" on Facebook
the next days I upload more examples (sorry, I'm too bussy at the moment)

, Intimidad Romero

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