Lara Salinas

London —

Member Since December 16, 2009

Lara Salinas is a practitioner and researcher with multidisciplinary background in arts and humanities. She graduated in Fine Arts, and completed a Masters in Art and Technology, specialising in web-based art and creative uses of locative media. As a practitioner she has participated in a number of international festivals, outstanding TodaysArt (Netherlands) FutureEverything (UK), Urban Transcript (Italy), NewMediaFest (Germany) and Web Biennial (Turkey). She has worked in Spain, Colombia and the United Kingdom, where she is working towards completion of a practice-based PhD thesis "The production of digital public place(s)" at Lancaster University, exploring the convergence of society, art, space, place and technology; and the production and experience of place in hybrid physical-digital urban environments through creative and artistic interventions.