[…] Video usualy is presented on dvd or DV tapes, or on youtube, vimeo‚Ķ All of these mediums are kind of vocabulary but digital video is like virus existing in diferrent media. This specific kind of image is connected with device and time of popularity of it. Digital video is something more than that. Digital image is simulating those effects of devices and this simulation is FAKE! As in my work MANDALA from 2001 where i had explored bad half images synchronisation, and codec errors mixed with small resolution of image.

But it was just part of creative process and all of these errors was my way to find special kind of effects, and finaly it was burned in DVD. So every DVD player makes fake because it is not creating errors, he is plaing his role in perfect way, but we see failure. As many other kinds of ERROR music those video was fake. It is unusual to see the cellular phone video in cellular phone device. Usualy we can see it in the cinema or on the wall of gallery in HD resolution monitors or projected from good beamers. This viral migration of image, triumph of failure of technology is faked. All other sampled noices, technics of failure aesthetic, or simulations of 16mm or 8mm films are the same in the digital video vocabulary. Does not matter if you are using old film effect or effect of pixelisation. All this vocabulary is vocabulary of fakes. Fake needs failure to extend his vocabulary. But video is Fake like any other kind of language. […]


, steven streight

All man-made things are necessarily artificial, like music. Natural painting is a sunset or galaxies colliding. All else is fake. All art is fake. All writing is false. All thought is hair spray. All hair is phony. All alls are bad. All this is making me thirsty for 12 more cups of coffee. Keep making digital thingamajigs and post them to the web and DESTROY the Mainstream Interslavement System. Down with celebrity. Rise of You and Me.

, Rafael Abreu-Canedo

Interesting poetics Steven. I enjoyed reading it…mostly the first 5 sentences. But there's something very real about emotions and feelings. In addition, there seems to also be something very real about the data we intake from our environment.

Is it important to communicate these things (sensory data, feelings and emotions) to others? That is, after all, how we build a communal conceptual map of our world, and by extention, build community. While I can agree with you, surely there's a role for mediums of communication that stand-in for reality.

If not for these primitive, yet gratifying attempts at representing the very real things you've mentioned, then what? Until we can practice effective alchemy on a galactic scale, keep having thoughts, and keep making music and paintings and books about your thoughts, feelings and emotions, so that we can further strengthen our bonds and networks toward whatever goal each of us may have in mind.

And Michael…very interesting. I wonder what is the boundary between the real and the fake. Is the real error the effect or the cause. Just because the instructions for the error effect are pre-coded to the set of instructions that your playback device is receiving from the media, does that make it fake? Unintentional scratches on a DVD, may or may not produce an error effect. And if it doesn't produce an error effect, is that then a fake scratch?

What I am trying to get at is that you seem to be talking about intentionality because the visual effects caused by damages to media can be employed as styles to be synthesized, without damage to the actual media. As to say, the error was intentional, whether by intentional damage to the media, or via coding. Which brings me to another question: is a tomato produced under laboratory conditions less real than a tomato grown in dirt, even though they have they manifest the same molecular structure? Sorry for the cheesy metapho

(Not that I'm for or against genetic engineering per say, but it's just that I'm curious to know where to draw the line between real and fake.)

-My best, Rafa

, Michal Brzezinski

the truth is also somewhere when art is only pre-designed situation filled by reality

in film?

in performance? almost veryone because even if we are following convention we can see this convention as subject of art

, Kyle McDonald

I was expecting this to be a reference to the two very common comments: "fake" ('shopped), and "fail" (epic fail). I feel like those two words, taken in that context, could be just as effective an aesthetic.

, Michal Brzezinski

sorry for my late reactions…
Kyle, Rafael - I think the problem is that if you both believe in reality then you can create phantasmatic idea of fail as epiphany of truth and fake as something untrue. We are part of the informatic system and everything is information so all is faked even by our senses. It is opposition of two statements for art itself, two definitions. One is Art as experiment and Art as expression I think. So sometimes one word makes empty space that needs to be re-filled. Fail as one vision of art makes empty space for fake as the same in second vision.

Thanks for great discussion.


, John McArdle

To be a failure(now) and fake it untill you make it. Laughing I can totally relate, success is built on a mountain of failures. Trial and error, try-fail,try-fail, try fail, and so on untill Eureka! SUCCESS! After success complacency sets in, you accomplish success then soon take the accomplishment and success for granted. Well I,m still piling on to the mountain and so far no success. Realizing what if i am not successful? Try Try again?…….nothing will suffice accept persistence. In the end if you do not succeed and you grow old and die. At least you persued your passion, PLEASE do not let me die yet!……(laughing) What about those studio masters I have in VCR tape? Of "THE DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSE SHOW" (a punk rock comedy public access television series)5 years worth of every wednesday nite 8-9 pm? All I know is my stomach was in knots, it actually hurt by the end of the nite from laughing. Success? ( no money?) At the time we were not thinking rich and famous. I am re-thinking that rich and famous part. Especialy the rich not so much the famous. Being a loser(money-wise) in this consumer based petro-chemical age sucks. Hopefully I will win THE PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE ten million dollar sweepstakes. Then I,ll have almost enough money to do all the crazy things I want to do. Just smile dammit! and pay attention THIS is IMPORTANT TO ME. ( laughing) the best success is effortless, If you can say, "Well I wasn,t really trying that hard but I still made it. It,s nirvanna. We all want paradise and oppulence don,t we? Who,s side are you on anyway? Babylon John.

, Michal Brzezinski

if the failure is the truth, true nature of pure medium, medium independency, without controle of system, without controle of human will, and nature of dialog with matter of art, then success is just to be perfect - be jus the next follower, like any tv or cinema. we love our failure and now we discuss fake, its not about success and art of happyness, we dont like kitch ;)

, John McArdle

SOME PEOPLE actually Like kitch, "MY name is EARL" The OFFICE TV shows that are KITCH. KITCH may be the new "IN vogue" cosmopolitian Kitsch Even I have done it in the Kitchen kitch kitchen cooking food in the kitchen. Words change over time things evolve or even de-volve GO WITH THE FLOW BRO!

, Erika Lincoln
, John McArdle


, abre

wow. greta

, Michal Brzezinski

if you will like to get closer this kitch you will see the irony that makes it no longer kitchy - it can be camp then and its very failure and this failure makes visible the intentional character of impact of the success and failure like this skull and the tits ;)

, Michal Brzezinski

ha, maybe better and more general:
impact of the art context and kitch also effects in failure and irony…
but for me its like slaps stick ;)

but its my personal point of view
and i respect the global flow
but i am indoctrinated through the Polish culture because
in Poland have a sentence "with flow are going only rubish".


, Lee Wells

kitsch is cool but not fake breasts unless in Second Life.

, Michal Brzezinski

or kitch is hot to be closer the truth ;)
also like failure is cool
and fake is significant