Time Travel 2

Nominating a non-art object as an artwork requires that the object not be an art object. But imagine that you have a time machine. Now you can go back in time to ancient Rome or Greece with any non-art object that you wish to nominate as an artwork and have it accepted as a work of art. Not declared; displayed and accepted.

Assuming you avoid temporal paradoxes, the object will never have been a non-art object and so will not now need nomination. Is this just nomination at an extra level of indirection, or does it undo the readymade?


, Vijay Pattisapu

That IS the temporal paradox!

, Min Lei

“Not now need nomination”? Art continously needs renomination as art. If I go back in time and “make it art,” I can still reappropriate it as art later, almost as if it wasn’t art in the first place. Like Lichtenstein.