projects about 'borders'

Hi everybody,

I'm interested in internet- and/or computer-based art-projects to broach the issue of borders. Borders of states and/or 'access-borders' in the internet (could be ironically identical, see censorship in china).

Something similar to the notorious "BorderXing" ( by Bunting or the upcoming "Frontiers" ( by goldextra-group.

It's so fascinating, that the mankind just keeps on creating or protecting borders, all over the time, and today, even in the internet. I like the way, how the projects above are trying to create attention on these borders and their nature, and wonder, if there are others…

Does anybody know some more projects about this topic?

Thank you very much!
Greetings, atreiju


, Kyd Campbell

you may want to look at the 2207 edition of the HTMlles festival. It included a number of projects on this topic.

, ghost 2.0
, Christina McPhee

and now, for a nationwide look at how misfortune knows no borders,

"Bush Tours America to Survey Damage Caused by his Disastrous Presidency" via the Onion

, Vijay Pattisapu

lol … this one is funny too, and of particular interest to Rhizomers:

, Kevin Flanagan

'Mapping Humanity' is not computer based but its is about borders.
[img][/img] - VIDEO - PHOTOGRAPHS

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, b

Try this one about ending borders:

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