Wow, just... wow


, Ethan Ham

I'm surprised that DHL agreed to do loop-de-loops in the North Atlantic… Perhaps they see it as a viral marketing campaign. The artist's (Erik Nordenankar) statement talks about advertising, though it isn't clear whether it's advertising himself, DHL, or both.


    The best advertising is developed with society. using a GPs and the express shipping company DhL, i drew a self-portrait on our planet. i used the technological aids of our time to make the world’s biggest drawing, along with advertising adapted to the contemporary era. a campaign the recipient wants to see and which is interesting enough for people to want to share it with their friends.

, Matthew Williamson

"i drew a self-portrait on our planet" seems like a stretch. He drew a self portrait in numbers that where later plotted on top of a map of the planet.

not that theres anything wrong with that.

, Dave Miller

Me too, I don't see why you used DHL. I think it spoils it. Is it just an advert? Wouldn't the piece be more satisfying if it didn't involve DHL? Or if it criticised DHL?

, T.Whid



Not fake?

When someone can get GPS coords that are specific enough to do a normal-sized drawing I'll be impressed ;-)

, Pall Thayer

"fake "

Damn him! I guess, in hindsight, it did all sound a bit sketchy. Get it? He he… ok, sorry.

Then this is back to being my favorite GPS work: