[size=150]FANAL DUCK8[/size]



, John A. Rathcore

Your message is clear. Finally, we understand. MANIK - we love you!!! Blizz attained. Note to self: reorganized principles; rethink butter tray placement; take ducks for a walk; take manik to california; go back to mario land level 3 again; do another solo show in 2008; give manik his hot sauce; keep hot sauce away from his duck; read posts about rematerializing a third time; hang from the ceiling with ghostbusters track playing loudly; don't forget; order some cuisine in the style of chicken; email 100 net artists and ask them 4 questions each; dip purple blowpops into blood bath kitchen sink; score a lady; dog walk again; art blog flattening strategy; begin to post more;

, Steven Read

[size=200]I am now going to claim that as of May 15th, "FANAL DUCK8" by MANIK is the best Rhizome discussion board post of 2008. Give MANIK all the commission money please.[/size]