When in Rome...

MTAA´S Super Slow 5K - ROMA (SS5K Roma)
A leisurely 5K (3.11 mile) group performance around the city of Rome

Following the "success" of the Super Slow 5K at Brooklyn´s McCarren Park in September 07, MTAA brings the SS5K to Italy. The SS5K Roma is a one day race/group performance in the streets of Rome. Registration to the SS5K Roma is free and open to the public. It begins at 12PM in the Mattatoio in Testaccio and ends when it seems right or at 5PM, whichever comes first. Refreshments will be served, folding chairs and blankets will be utilized. The performance/race will be overly documented. “Celebrity” judges will be on hand to award trophies for “Best Dressed” as well as the coveted SS5K 07 “Mr. or Ms. Congeniality Roma.”

The Super Slow 5K Roma takes place on Sunday December 2nd, 2007 at 12PM to 5PM (rain or shine) and starts at Mattatoio di Testaciio at Campo Boario , Rome, Italy

MTAA´s SSK5 ROMA is part of Enzimi 07
With thanks Christina Ray and the fine folks at Glowlab

For more info visit http://mtaa.net/art/slow/roma/


, t.whid

Love the quotes: "success"


, nathaniel stern

You two are my heroes.

, M. River

Awwwwwwww shucks Nathaniel,

Now that the formal announcement is over…it’s time to beg.

If you, or any other Rhizome Rawers know of anyone, anyone at all in Rome, please, please, please tell them about this performance. With T.Whid not going, I keep seeing a picture of me sitting alone on a street corner in Rome wearing my track suit and crying into my Cappuccino. Then again, I this happens all the time.

, Eric Dymond

but still, that's a great picture…, "the power of networked collaboration" could be the caption.
Maybe if you slowed down the pace and offered free cognac to the participants?