Interactive Communal Music Making Online?

Hi there,

I'm really hoping someone can point me in the direction of a few examples of the aformentioned subject.

A site to which the user can upload an audio feed to contribute to a communal improvisation/composition.

Any ideas?

Please help!



, Michael Szpakowski

If you don't mind being confined to <200KB mp3 loops (personally I don't - I find restrictions of that sort interesting) & if you like the idea of mixing images too, then try Furtherfield's VisitorsStudio:

What I like about VisitorsStudio is it can be accessed at so many levels -it's a great educational tool -Furtherfield have used it for arts outreach work, but it's also something that can be used at a really high level -Graziano Milano for example made it his instrument for a number of rather beautiful pieces..

and looking for that link I see there's also something by the splendid JimPunk..

, nathaniel stern

Good call, Michael. I also like (biased - I participated in one) the live networked performances done using VS.